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Parent's Testimonials

"Great place for a fantastic dance education. It's a great big family."

"Mark is truly someone who has a passion for dance. One of the few studios that cares more about teaching his students how to dance than making money. He loves every student and treats everyone with the same respect , no favoritism. His choreography is spectacular and all of his dances are performed clean, precise and with feeling. Bravo!!" 

Exceptionally talented staff in choreography, creativity, and instruction. Dance instruction is developmentally appropriate for each age group and builds upon basic foundations to advanced movements. We love being a part of this dance family. 

"Having had an amazing dance experience at Dance Arts Centre myself, which gave me not only high caliber dance instruction, but a life-long self-confidence, I knew that I wanted to give my own daughter the gift of this studio. She loves dance, and I owe it all to the long-standing dance instruction, professionalism, and family created at Dance Arts Centre."

Great Studio!!! This is a studio with great people and a great product. I have been part of the Dance Arts Centre (DAC) community for over 40 years. I started taking dance classes from Mark when I was three years old and my three daughters have also! At DAC dancers are inspired to learn technique, self-confidence and artistic skills. The owners of the studio, Mark and Sandee Simpson, have always focused on age appropriate dance and costuming. Mark also gives his older students the opportunity to train under him and the other dance staff as student teachers.  The result of this type of training has many transferable skills and positive outcomes. 

“Dance Arts Centre has a warm and inviting family atmosphere. The staff is very knowledgeable and everyone makes you feel at home! I could not ask for a better studio for my kids!”

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 ‘My daughter danced at DAC from age 3 to age 18. She learned to dance - and she learned to dance well. Instruction at DAC is, without a doubt, the best! As rewarding as the actual dancing was, including placing and receiving high awards at competitions, DAC did so much more for her. She has grown into a young woman with self-esteem and self-confidence, and her time at DAC definitely contributed to that. I am truly grateful for everything the studio has done for her. I strongly recommend Dance Arts Centre. And one other small but great benefit - my daughter has the best posture of any of her non-DAC friends! A dancer’s posture!

Dance Arts Centre is a home away from home!  We have been a part of this dance family for 15 years!  Mark, Sandee and the entire faculty at DAC are creative, fun and truly care for our kids!  

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